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Re-inventing their style
By Sarah Weyers

A coherent and yet diverse color scheme, wool, cotton, silk – the FW 2018 collection of Italy-based menswear label D’ALPAOS presented their designs at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana 2017 in the Ljubljana Exhibition Center on Thursday night. The label was founded in 2012, when the designer Nicola D’Alpaos started a capsule collection of bags with a friend.  Continue Reading »

MBFW Ljubljana AW 17

Ljubljana – a new fashion destination?
By Sarah Weyers

Ljubljana being the capital of Slovenia is a very central location in Europe. Close to Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary, the small country seems to be influenced by all the cultures while remaining their own charm. Arriving in the centre of the city allowed some very special impressions of the ‚old town‘, and the very  Continue Reading »

LAUREN LANE and DAVID SQUILLACE | Interview with the DJs

By Sarah Weyers

Loud music, cold drinks, people dancing, sweating, singing along, waiting excitedly for the beat to finally drop – its in the DJ’s hand how the nights turn out. And the DJs know that. The way DJs have become icons for pop culture has been intensified over the last couple of years – as well as  Continue Reading »

MECHE CORREA | Interview with the designer

By Sarah Weyers

PERU MODA is now about one month ago and looking back at it we are still amazed at what glamorous and beautiful collections we got to see, feel and experience. One of the designers that truly stood out from the crowd is the Peruvian artist Meche Correa, who Sarah Weyers from SUPERIOR MAGAZINE spoke to  Continue Reading »

PERU MODA | A Personal Diary

Reliving the experience of visiting Peru Moda
By Sarah Weyers

Imagine the warmth of the sun softly burning on your skin, a refreshing breeze of summer-like air, while the buzz of cars and hectic people is barely audible. Imagine bittersweet cocktails in the moonlight, soft laughter, live music and an atmosphere so full of creativity, exuberance and life itself. Picture a coast so very golden;  Continue Reading »