A wonderland of extremely expressive silhouettes is what MICHAEL SONTAG showed at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin on Thursday. 

The first thing you would recognize, and the most outstanding on the runway were the bulky boots on the fragile model’s feet. The drawn contrast between bulky and fragile was absolutely amazing. The clothing’s silhouettes were wrapped loosely around the body and created voluminous shaped tops and bottoms while still hugging from the female body in an individual way. Layering and high belts were used as tools to emphasize these looks. The extremely long sleeves and slouchy fabrics made the collection perfect to bundle up in winter. 

MBFW Berlin AW 2017 | MICHAEL SONTAG Show | Photos © Mercedes-Benz Fashion

Tops that were closed up high to the neck and wide cotton trousers held up high by a belt were presented as well as some pieces that had the effect of something unfinished and deconstructed. Yet it all fitted together in the end and created a picture perfect style. Flowing knee-long dresses made out of silk built a contrast to the heavy woollen knits.

The obvious main theme was black, broken up with white and grey shades which could never be out of season. The complete opposite and highlight of the show was the designs with heavy fabric covered by abstract ornaments in gold and light, almost turquoise blue. The extraordinary woven construction caught the eye and focussed one’s concentration on the garment. It also celebrated the technique behind it.