Renowned label ODEEH decided once again to show their autumn/winter 2017 collection at the Humboldt Forum. With the support of Der Berliner Mode Salon, they turned the industrial building into a high-end venue.


Last season already, ODEEH chose the unfinished building to exhibit their spring/summer outfits, unveiling the hidden beauty of the place through layers of delicate fabrics and gold touches. Elegant feminine outfits, through ruffles, prints and longer backs set the tone for this new collection, that in fact revealed itself to be the evolution of what the Humboldt held this summer.

To make a good entrance, the show started with a voice over wondering, „What is behind that curtain?“ The curtain being 7 models rolling down in all black looks – quite unusual for the label, but a way for the designers to prepare their audience. What is happening next? Some pure ODEEH grandiose.

Bows and ruffles were again the centre of attention, as silk bow ties were paired to several strings of fabrics into the garments, creating a feeling of lightness, refreshing against the layered outfits. Juxtapositions of see-through and matt fabrics gave interesting contrasts, that were then reflected in the highly feminine elements opposed to more masculine garments. As such, trousers and wide, man-like silhouettes were paired with silk bows and blouses. Also, to enlighten the traditional femininity seen in blouses, dresses and ruffles, the duo applied playful prints to their fabrics: from leopard prints to stylized mouths and bulldog heads, the garments had everything to make you smile.

As of the colour palette, ODEEH actually tried to trick us with the 7 first looks – all black – and to make us think that their collection would be plain. Which it was everything but. With bright oranges, shiny rose gold, red and blue checks, and beaded dresses and tops, the garments where either attracting the eye with striking colours or the light by effects of shiny materials.

As per usual, ODEEH presented an impressive collection in a worthy venue. With tricks and twists to play with ideas of femininity and elegance, the designing duo once again exposed their skills in technique and playfulness.