At PAD London Art + Design 2012 the Cologne based gabrielle ammann // gallery presented BLACK SWAN // WHITE SWAN – the latest work by the renowned designer Satyendra Pakhalé [-> interview with Satyendra Pakhalé]. Working with marble for the first time, Pakhalé transforms this traditional material with his singular design vocabulary to realize poetic sculptural forms.

With his background as an industrial designer, Satyendra Pakhalé’s work is often characterized by a synthesis of new applications of materials and technological processes. He often spends years generating his ideas, as is the case in these new works. Black Swan and White Swan are a new departure for Pakhalé as he embraces a traditional material, playing with the cultural significance that is associated with it. Pakhalé remarks that “marble indeed is one of the most ancient materials we have on our plant” and he chose “to use this meaning-impregnated material to create a sensorial feeling.”